Get Quarts Countertops in Orlando

Advantages of Laminate Countertops Refinishing
August 15, 2016

Quarts Countertop Refinishing You Can Afford

Why You Should Refinish with Our Quartz Countertops Overlay

Have you been thinking of refinishing your old laminate countertops? Perhaps they are scratched or faded or have chips. You would love to replace it with Quartz and get a look that matches the rest of your kitchen or bathroom.

Just like Quartz our CrystalTop Quartz overlay has an attractive appearance, durability, comes in a wide range of colors, with rich and luxurious patterns. It's durable and will not chip or crack easily and is non-porous so it resist staining much better than other surfaces. You could spill wine, tomato, coffee, juice, oil, and our Quartz countertop overlay will stand up to all of it.

Orlando Quartz Countertops Installation

Our Orlando Countertop installations have no seams or cracks (and advantage over genuine Quartz) and because they are non-porous they do not harbor viruses or bacteria. Feel confident your counter is clean in the kitchen and in your bathrooms.

But you won't have to pay $115-$200 per square foot. Getting that Quartz countertop look is much more affordable than you might think with our CrystalTop overlay which can give you all the benefits and expensive contemporary look. If you live in Orlando or the surrounding area call us now for a free estimate for your Crystaltop Quartz countertop overlay we are sure to meet or exceed your expectations.

Refinish My Countertops
Refinish My Countertops
CrystalTop LLC Orlando countertop refinishing service. Refinish your Formica, laminate or Corian counters. Our authentic CrystalTop Overlay system gives you the look of granite countertops, marble or a custom design you always dreamed of without the high cost of expensive stones.